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Los Angeles Garment District

Shopping in the Los Angeles Fabric District makes sense now-a-days.  Given the high cost of local fabric shops, and their lack of selection, going to shop in downtown LA's garment district will actually save you time and money.  Besides, the wonderful choices will inspire you to new projects.

We at Alley Cat Scratch are going to share are favorite tips when shopping in the Los Angeles garment district, but we welcome additions from other folks.  We're just starting, later we'll list our favorite places and try to get our maps up.

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bulletOfficial Los Angles Fashion District website
bulletSite is thin right now, but does have area maps.
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Current Big events happening or in the planning stage...

bulletGroup plans for the LA Garment District get planned with costume tours we do downtown.  Please come ask on Costume Gather when our next group pillage is planned.
bulletOR, if you want to come down and play, please contact me at

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