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Mandatory Legal Stuff

In our modern world, the legalese is very important.   We're not lawyers, but trying to uphold the law... so, here goes... 


Basically, what everything below is attempting to say is:  

bulletWhile we're glad to have you use our site, please don't copy anything unless an individual page gives permission for individual things.
bulletWe don't think we've copied anyone else's work.  In creating this site, we've been as careful as we can about copyright.   If we're in error and you own it, please contact us and we'll fix it immediately.
bulletWe're trying to not step on other folks toes. 
bulletArtists' and authors' work are used with permission.
bulletWhen trademarked and copyrighted names appear in text, we are just providing news and educational examples.  No infringement on the names themselves or intellectual rights is meant.


The Legalese detail:

All designs that appear on these pages, drawn or photo, are the property of the individual designers. Designs may not be reproduced in any medium, two dimensional, three-dimensional, or electronically without the expressed written permission of the designer.  Write this site to contact the designers.

All articles that appear on these pages, are the property of the individual authors.  Drawing and photographs are used with permission.  Articles may not be reproduced in any medium, print or electron without the expressed  written permission of the author.    Write this site to contact the designers.

Items that are allowed to be copied will be specifically noted on their page.  Their use is restricted to the stated purposes.  Copyright stays with the original creator.

Do not link just to a photo or drawing.  Link to the section.  Besides the fact that the there's a good chance the item will move, providing just a picture is not the purpose of this site.

Photos used on this site may not be copied.  Photos are from publicity released, fair use, or used by permission.  If you wish a copy, contact the photographer, if one is listed.  As far as we know,  we have rights to reproduce all photo's show here.  If we are in error, please contact this site and we will fix the problem.

Clip art is used by permission (to the best of our knowledge) or created for this site. If we are in error, please contact this site and we will fix the problem.


Costume-Con is a registered service mark of Kelly Turner and Karen Dick.

This site is not affiliated with any specific group.  The information is here to share the knowledge.

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