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Costuming News Flash! 

Welcome to the main News Flash section of Alley Cat Scratch.  Here you'll find a wide variety information on current events and projects.  

You'll get tips on people, projects and places.  Enjoy the exploring!


Jump to LA Costume Events Calendar



 More costume exhibit info <here>

bulletCostume Events in LA!
bullet Halloween in LA
bulletCheck the archive for previous eclectic web picks.


 Costume Con Information

Costume Con is a fabulous convention for meeting with costumes in a great mixed setting of learning and competitions.

Read more about Costume Con, it's history  at

See pictures of past Costume Cons at:

bulletCostume Connections
bulletThe International Costumers Gallery

Costume Con 30

bulletMay 11-14, 2012
bulletTempe, Arizona
bulletNote, this is a change of venue as of January  '10
bullet Future Fashion Folio Design Contest now open
bulletDeadline: must arrive by September 1, 2011

Costume Con 31

bulletRed Lion Denver SE, Denver CP
bulletMay 17-20, 2013

Costume Con 32

bulletToronto, Canada
bullet Late April - Early May, 2015

Costume Con 33

bulletCharleston, Sough Carolina
bulletLate April - Early May, 2015


 International Costumer's Guild Photo Archive

Check out  the on-line archives of the International Costumers Guild. At its core is the Pat & Peggy Kennedy Memorial Library a storehouse of photographs, video and paper ephemera spanning 70+ years of Science Fiction costuming. Also included are accumulated images from Wearable Arts and performance arts events, Living History and other showcases for creativity.


 Interesting new-ish websites we're highlighting

bulletTudor costume & effigies database
bulletThe Tudor Effigies Database has had a whole set of new images added.  Great for solid research on 16th century costume.
bulletThe Tutor Tailor
bulletThe Tudor Tailor: reconstructing 16th century dress, to be published in spring 2006.  A sourcebook for accurately reconstructing clothing from the 16th century, concentrating on the reigns of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I (1509 to 1603). 
bulletCostume Plot Database
bulletSponsored by a grant from the USITT Commissioner's Fund, the website is a database of
information about plays searchable by several different parameters including title, playwright, period, genre, cast size, and number of costumes. ... the user can browse the database and sort the information by date added, frequency of reference, title, playwright, year published, period, and genre. Each play has a page dedicated to it which contains more detailed information such as a basic plot description, a specific character breakdown, quick change notes, and any special costuming considerations dictated by the script.

 Movie Costume Study & King Kong Costume now online

bulletAlley Cat Scratch is opening a new section - Movie Costume Study
bulletThis section will the new entry point to coordinate all of the movie and exhibit studies
bulletWe are also opening a new costume study - King Kong Costume
bulletCurrent emphasis is on the 2005 Peter Jackson movie but we're expanding.  Come play with us.  These are easy but elegant costumes to play with.

F-Costume Discussion List at it's new address

F-Costume has moved to a yahoo group.  Come join us for talk on Fantasy and Science Fiction costuming.  We are there for research and to share our love of costuming.  This is  a how-to and discussion group, so you're safe from the sale adds.

Join our group at .

If your own website lists links to F-Costume... please update the link to the new address.

Harry Potter Costuming - Web research site

 Learn Harry Potter Costume details and construction tips.

We wish them luck on this new venture.  Their research and information site now joins similar ones for Star Wars costumes and Lord of the Rings costumes.

Movie Costume Exhibits

We've started a new section, pictures and links for costumes exhibits.  For now it's going to be a bit heavy towards movie costumes, but we're interested in all kinds.

  Tolkien Forever's Web site

Want to keep up with LOTR Events in California??? A lot of the events that Tolkien Forever participates in are Costumed.  Their web site provides links to their yahoo group and calendar.

bulletGroup chat and organizing events:


What ya want to do this weekend?

bulletCheck out <Events> for year round fun.
bulletAll kinds of things from museums to shopping.  This is a very busy time of the year
bulletRen-faire season has started.  There's something almost every weekend.  Major Con's coming up.

  Costume Classes on the web

Fixed start dates:

bulletFall-Winter Classes
bulletCostume Classroom:
bulletsee self paced classes below
bullet Pattern Review - Classes:
bulletThey run about 4 different classes at a time, check their list for their latest technique classes

Self Paced Classes

The Costume Classroom  has switched over to a semester system.  You may take start classes and work at your own rate though the semester.

bulletCheck out their wonderful list of historical costume classes and sewing technique classes.
bulletSome classes are date specific, but may you can join and do as you have time.

Ongoing Classes

(A couple of good websites on sewing have vanished,  if you find good classes on line, please write us.)

bulletMore classes, including distance learning and college credit courses:

If you know of other costuming classes on the web, please write so we can include the information..

Lord of the Rings Costume Discussion

bulletLord of the Rings has magnificent costumes... and there's been lots of comments about them on many boards... so a new discussion group devoted to just the  LOTR costumes has starting on Yahoo.    
bulletJust click, and follow the instructions: 
bulletAlso check out LOTR Costume Website
bulletWe are having a grand time.  Open to people of all skills levels.  Everything from just talking about the costumes to recreation details like fabric and patterns.
bulletAlley Cat Scratch is hosting a web of resources to go with the costume discussions.  It is a research style web so always changing.  We've compiled what we thing are a very good set of links for the costumes:
bulletOtherwise know as... where all my web development time is going right now



Quick Info

bulletScience Fiction Masquerade have their own page
bulletBoth the Events and Los Angeles Garment District section are now open
bulletPlease feel free to let us know about other items.


Costume Con Web site

bulletInformation on all the Costume-Cons - status, pictures, winners, etc.

How to get something in News Flash - <Here>

Updated at least monthly... often updates go in for the current weekend if we find some gems.

News Flash Origins

More site details...

Looking for an old item and can't find it???  Check the Graveyard for archived items.  Or just use our Search page


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