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Web Picks 

Here are some individual costume sites featured on Alley Cat Scratch.  You'll find a very eclectic mix and max selection for surfing pleasure...

These are purposely not in order... so you get to pop around to all kinds of fun.  Again I'm favoring sites with lots of links to explore, so except at least half of these to take you wandering far and wide on the web.

(Section just starting... so will take a while to grow.)

Web Picks for November/December



Web Picks for September/October

It's costume making time!

bulletThe Costumer's Manifesto
bullet http://www.costumes.org/
bulletThis is the ultimate start point for any and all costume research.  It's master link site organized by Tara Maginnis.  Bookmark it at the top for all your needs.  You will loose hours here.
bulletDuct Tape Costumes by Duck Tape
bullet http://www.ducktapeclub.com/contests/prom/archive.asp
bulletOk, so the pictures here are prom outfits... but use your imagination for your own Halloween costumes. Think what you can do with duct tape.   Main site is http://www.ducktapeclub.com .

Web Picks for July/August

It's movie costume time.  Sharing here a couple of sites with great pictures and tons of links.

bulletThe Movie Mannequin
bullet http://www.costumers.homestead.com/MMMP.html
bulletA great source for movie costume pictures
bulletHer link page has many of the official movie sites of the best costume movies out there.
bullet http://www.movieprop.com/tvandmovie/index.htm
bulletTheir TV and movie section has a great selection of SF movie costume pictures
bulletFrom Planet of the Apes to "V" to  Terminator


Web Picks for May/June, 2003

bulletIt's Renaissance Faire time, so here's a a great page for doing all your costume research...
bulletDrea Leed's The Elizabethan Costume Page.
bulletThere are enough links to loose a few days exploring full time
bulletA wonderful annual pick of mine is the FIDM movie costume Exhibit
bulletThis year they have over 100 pictures from over 25 movies

Web Picks for March/April, 2003

This month decided to go digging for Irish Dance Costume.  I did not have the luck I expected.  My old how-to links were gone... but I did find a nice link site to Irish step dance solo costumes and history of the costume.  Enjoy, leads to lots of other links.

bulletIrish Dancer
bullet http://www.irish-dancer.co.uk/best12.html
bulletLinks for dress design, materials, dressmakers, kilts, etc
bulletIreland's Dance
bulletHistory of the costumes http://www.irelandsdance.com/history/historyofcostumes.htm
bulletGreat index on each part of the costumes http://www.irelandsdance.com/appearance/index.htm
bulletThe Celtic Dance
bulletA shop devoted to the dresses.  Get everything from a competed dress, to a pre-embroidered high quality kit to just the designs for the panels, Celtic and Celtic inspired.
bullet http://www.celticimage.co.uk/

Web Picks for January / February

bulletBissonnette on Costume: a Visual Dictionary of Fashion
bulletWonderful set of exhibit photos that document front, back and sides of the actual garments.  Great for researching historical garments.  The collection has some nice items showing unusual uses of colors and trims/
bullet http://dept.kent.edu/museum/costume/index.asp
bulletSearch by geographical region, time period or subject.
bulletThe Costume Salon
bullet http://www.costumesalon.com
bulletThis  is a rental company's pages that I recently stumbled across.  I know nothing of the company itself, but do love the designs... especially her fantasy pages.  Wonderful eye candy and design inspiration.
bulletIf you need a masquerade party now.. she has a wonderful concept of "costume party in a box" where she packs the whole thing from costumes to decorations to games to menus.

Web Picks for November / December, 2002

bulletGodey's Lady's Book - the Sample Collection
bulleta wonderfully detailed collection of color plates, patterns articles and more from Godey's Lady's magazine 1855-1858.  Also has links to other Godey's magazine sites.
bulletHoop skirts were all the rage and this magazine provides a wonderful peek into history.
bulletAntique Lace and Fabric 
bulletKaren Augusta's personal site for selling very high quality antique clothing mainly from the 18th and 19th  century.  Even if your budget can't afford it, it's a great place to look at good quality.  She has some designer pieces.
bulletAlso has a nice selection of links that includes museums and educational resources.

Web Picks for September / October, 2002

bulletCastle Blood
bulletWonderful site for the Halloween creeps. They're an east coast haunted mansion... and much more.
bulletHaunt Couture costumes for the serious Halloween Enthusiasts and Haunted Attraction Performers
bulletHaunt Decor props - Wonderful detailed props to "liven" up any party or haunted house.
bulletOr just check out their wonderful costume scrapbooks from previous haunts...
bulletKristi Smart Designs
bulletThis is the web for ordering those fabulous "Kristi Coats" that you've been seeing at conventions and fantasy events: black, great swishing tails, many buttons - a great jump off point for being creative with shirts or your own embellishments.
bulletThe "civil war" coat come in many, many sizes... far over the "standard" sizes of regular costumes.
bulletThe Kristi Coats are becoming a cool addition to anyone's costume wardrobe.

Web Picks for July / August, 2002

bulletCostume Connections
bulletTHE source for all things about Costume Con from pictures of past cons to the latest bids for the upcoming events
bulletThey've been doing an amazing amount of updates lately.  Many of the old con's now have a full slide show of pictures.
bulletDharma Trading Company
bulletMagnificent source for everything dyeable.  Silks, hemp, cotton, readymade garments, scarf's and more.
bulletDyeing supplies and everything for fabric painting.
bulletArtist gallery with wonderful work
bulletA whole how-to section that they continue to add to.

Web Picks for May/June, 2002

bulletThe Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising Gallery Scene
bulletExplore the annual Art of Motion Picture Costume Design web galley from FIDM.
bulletThis year's show is now up!
bulletCatch views of their other collections
bulletNote: this site does load slow, but so much to look at when done.  Some galleries can only be views as video.
bulletFashion History, Costume, Clothing, Textiles and Social History 
bulletNice site for a basic overview of fashion history... even thing right at your finger tips.  Nice and plentiful illustrations.
bulletCheck out the fashion crafts section as well as a whole section of Fashion Tutorials.  Great stuff I haven't seen gather together elsewhere.

Web Picks for March / April, 2002

bulletThe Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising Gallery Scene
bulletExplore the annual Art of Motion Picture Costume Design web galley from FIDM.
bullet2001's show 
bulletCatch views of their other collections
bulletNote: this site does load slow, but so much to look at when done.  Some galleries can only be views as video. 
bulletStepping back in time - everything Victorian
bulletTheir merchant directory is amazing, broken down by category
bulletThe directory  includes dance group, fabric sources, lace, bed & breakfasts and so much more.
bulletIncludes numerous article reprints from period sources.

bulletSense & Sensibility
bulletDetailed site with sources, patterns and community focusing "clothing w/ an old fashion feeling".  Kid  friendly.
bulletEverything you wanted to know about Titanic costumes, includes notes on some originals.
bulletContains pictures of the dresses from the movie
bulletFollow their links for more recreations.
bulletSpecialty eras: from Regency and Titanic era.
bulletLarge photo gallery of projects.
bulletJamine Watson
bulletPersonal site of the Jewelry Designer that created the magnificent crowns, pendants and rings for The Lord of the Rings.
bulletDetailed pictures of her work.
bulletAlso see some rare photos of her work from Xena.
bulletPurrfection Artistic Wearables
bulletArt to wear patterns from XS-5XL
bulletTheir Project section will give you more ideas that you have time for - so many way to manipulate fabric.
bulletWonderful fabrics, stencils, notions and more to help you complete your project.
bulletLarge photo Gallery of projects.



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