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A Lorien elf



The dress appears to be made out of a silk taffeta in a slatey-blue colour with a soft metallic shine. It might also be tissue faille.  It is opaque enough that no lining is needed.

This is an entirely different type of two part elven dress.  There is the main dress and some kind of a shawl/cloak that is worn over it.

The main dress is very free flowing.  It has no shaping or darks.  It just appears to hang from the shoulders.  The dress's neckline would need to be  a wide boat neck so that the dress does not show under the cloak.  This would be shaped very much like Arwen's Blood Red dress.

The sleeves seem to be a few inches longer than the fingertips. Unlike, the other elf dresses, the sleeves are straight-looking without any patterns and don't seem to have any half-circle or semi-circle designs.  

To guess on the actual sleeve shape... they would be set in sleeves.  The sleeve is probably a triangular bit of fabric, maybe as wide at the wrist as a foot.  It is doubtful there is another sleeve underneath.

The shawl/cloak is still very much a mystery.  We can see that the neck is wide slit that almost goes shoulder to shoulder. The shawl seems to be pinned (or stabalized) near the shoulders and falls nearly to the ground in the back and sides in soft folds beside and around the back of Uruviel.

There is a narrow (1/2 inch) trim that edges the neckline and the front of the drape from bust line to bust line.  However, it does not appear to go beyond that.  The trim appears to be light blue... but these pictures are all digitally graded... towards the blue, so the trim is probably write.

The "float on air" drape can be achieved by softly tacking up the fabric from marked points on a fabric tape or strip of bias. 

Uruviel wears a circlet, similar to Arwen's. The circlet seems to be yellowish-silvery white, in half moon and crescent shapes joined by silver wire.

It appears she wears some kind of shoe, although it's hard to tell given the limited number of pictures we have of her. They might be boots with a low heel rise and they're kind of black and purple with a shimmer.

A Few Construction Tips

The dress is very simple... just one shimmery fabric and a plain one at that.  Only a bit of trim is also needed to complete the outfit.

The dress can be almost anything.  Select a pattern that fits the way you want to.  You could use the standard Simplicity 9891, but for this dress there really is no need for the princess seams for a tight fit... unless you want them.  The main trick is to scoop out the neck so that it has a very thin shoulder strap.

The sleeves are triangular and free flowing.  The sleeves pattern may be as wide as two feet... so when the arm is held up, it is actually only a foot worth of dripping sleeve.

The Shawl

This whole dress's identification is based on it's color and the shawl/cloak.

The shawl looks to be just a long rectangle with rounded edges.  The neck is just cut as a straight line in the middle of the fabric and finished with the fancy white trim.  (Because this trim will be on your neck, be careful and pick a soft trim.)

To achieve that magical floating pleating, you need to lightly pleat the fabric and tack the insides of the deep pleats to fabric tape at once inch intervals.  Be sure to muslin this since it will probably very by person and bust shape.

Instead of figuring the exact amount to pleat, set up the drape on a mannequin or a willing victim.  Pin and place the pleats.   They do not have to be prefect on your first try.  After you've pined both sides so you're happy with the look... decided which side looks better.  Take off the   shawl and flip it to the back of the fabric.  mark the deepest part of the pleat.  Unpin.

For round two of the muslin, transfer the measurements to the other side, so they're on both.  Pin this deep pleat point into the fabric strip.  Try it on as see if it does what you want.  Keep adjusting.

When you get the pins in the right place... make sure that both sides are identical.  Hand sew the pleats to the fabric strip.  Secure carefully.


Section editor Annie A. and Cat

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