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Gandalf the Grey


(Just started, minimal description, just a partial collection of photos.)

Gandalf the Grey Gandalf, different contrast, w/ portrait in background Gandalf, lightened, see braiding on belt and pouch


(or high rez here)   (or high rez here)
CU of the yoke note the rough finish on the neck  
  Bits of embroidery on the edge of the yoke. can see the machine finished eyelets for the lacing cords.  The thicker cord is a self made cord from the cloak
Note all the box pleats and how evenly they lay even to the belt - they've got to be tacked down at the waist    
A bit of the sleeve and a good view of the cloak's rougher weave While the colors are close, note the slightly different coloring on the bag more sleeve
Look at the back of the cloak.  Note how roughly the hood is gathered in Even closer look at the shoulder for the gathers
  CU from the front of the gathers  
A lot at the hem embroidery at from the front    
    CU of the hem and you can see just a bit of the shredded edge of the outer cloak
CU of the fabrics, near the hem.  Note the patched tear in the robe CU of the outer cloak's bottom edge  
Embroidery cu   Embroidery next to belt for sizing info


Note: on robe color, in person it appears brownish grey.  On film it is a nice pure grey.

About the fabric: In one of her interviews, Ngila said it was of a widely woven cotton, specially made in Indonesia. it was also aged severely over a period of three weeks , a process that included overdying the garment several times to get the right colour. They garment dye rather than do the fabric first because it creates that old look and softens the whole fabric.

Wearing all the layers


Sweater - Sleeves /  Mitts

  • With fireworks
  • Inside bag end rehearsals - BtS
  • Basic description
    • At the beginning of the movie, Gandalf has close fitting knit sleeves.  At some point, either in the snow or Moria, a hole is punched into the side and he wears these like mitts.
    • As seen in the DVD, the sleeves are attached to a black fabric shirt.  Looks stretch.  Center of the shirt is also covered with a sweater
    • Spec on sleeves:  both wizards were close fitting under-sleeves.  Watching wizards move there's a good chance that the two sleeves may be tacked together to control the long outer sleeves. 


Basic Robe (without the cloak)


    Detail of Gandalf's braided leather belt.


Side view of Gandalf's pouch CU.  Notice the slight color differences.  The bag is more olive.  Also, it is a more even texture.  Edges are finished by hand.
strap of his shoulder bag cu of the bag's strap
  • Description
    • Tattered grey shoulder bag.  Looks like it might be made of the exact same material as the robe.
      • The satchel strap appears made out a single long, twisted strip of canvas, may be  wrapped around something, either rope of more twisted canvas. It seems to be tied or coarsely stitched with thin string to the main body of the bag.
    • Shoulder strap is a 3 strand flat plaited braid.

Culottes (under the robe)

  • Basic description:
    • Wide baggy trousers, crinkly  fabric, basically a cross between long culottes and hakama w/o the gaps on the side.
      • On the wardrobe tag they are called "culottes"
    • The waist band is secured with a draw string
      • (Confirmed by a dresser at FIDM)
    • Fabric is almost that same brown grey as the basic split robe/tunic, but not quite as textured.
    • Hem decoration: What originally looked like mud splatters at the hem is actually a painted design.  Interesting... we've got two different patterns seen at two different exnibits
      • Fidm, 2001: block printed motives of leaves, vines and small flowers.  This printing is more yellow than the basic dye... literally giving it a "mud" color.  There was not a bottom "band".
      • London, 2003:  has an imprinted pattern, possibly all over, but certainly the entire area visible at the exhibition (up to about ankle height). The bottom hem of the pants legs is imprinted with one horizontal line, then a band of swirls, then four lines. This band is 3D in nature, much like imprinted velvet. Then the other patterning starts, shaped like leaves and vines. This lower band may be trim, but we're not sure.
    Decorations on the hem.  Note: the two flowers should be the same heigh and these shapes should be rectangular so the pattern can repeat.  This is close, but not perfect.  by Janice the Grey  

Cloak Detail

We think we're seeing two cloaks... this needs to be studied more.

Tunic/Robe Embroidery

Feathered chain stitch around robe slit, hem and sleeves.


Pipes to sword to staffs

Gandalf's hat Gandalf's pipe
2nd Staff Detailing on Gandalf's staff  
Pipe and tobacco pouch 1st staff  

Gandalf's Sword Glamdring

or here for med printable

Gandalf's , staff, sword, and scabbard (Aragorn's knife in background Note, edge of hilt is under the tuck in the cloth  

or here for med printable

Dwarf writing can be seen here Gandalf's sword  

(or high rez here)


(or high rez here)

Tip end of hilt
Dwarf writing detail

(or high rez here)

(or high rez here)  




  • Notes from the movie (Judy)

    •  Actually, the Moria scenes are good places to look at his costume since he's never wearing his cloak in there. At the scene where he is studying the 3 doors, he is hunched over and his hair is finally out of the way! The back of the yoke is pointed and the robe is box pleated to it. Actually, in the scene with the balrog, his arm is out straight and the camera looks right up his sleeve - you could see the seam going up the underarm.

  • Extra notes (Cat)

    • His outer rob is very raggedy.  Both are a knubby bluish grey

    • Pleats in robe appear to be tacked down, they don't move or bunch.  Sleeves are box pleated and wide, but not as big as Saruman.  Some pictures (Rivendale) show a knit under sleeve.  Mora Mine shows the sleeve asting like a bit with a slit in the sleeve.



  • There is great engineering in the Wizards sleeves. If anyone gets to see the movie again, note how they behave when the wizards are walking, gesturing, magicing, fighting, facing the wind. 
    The sleeves have very wide hems (about 3-4 inches)... and these hems are very thick. This helps keep the sleeve edge laying cleaner. Hard to tell if they're also flat lined. They might be. Watching  closer... there is a reason both wizards have narrow sleeves under their big sleeves (other than to keep warm and store their lunch money that is). Both wizards have the two sleeve layers tacked together about 1/2 way to the elbow on the fore arm. Notice even during the fighting they stay mostly in place. Only when Saruman's summoning weather (with enough jesters to get rid of a swarm of flies) , does his sleeve edges slide down his arm at all.

Making Gandalf's Hat

Check out Sally's great tutorial on making Gandalf's wizard hat:




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