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Welcome to 
Alley Cat Scratch Costume!


This web is home base for Alley Cat Scratch Costume. Here we research costumes and build costumes together.    

We've well over 1500 pages of costume tips and sewing information here.  What started with just a bit of love for fantasy costumes and movie costumes has grown into a mega costume construction destination! 

It doesn't matter what your sewing skill level is.  We all dive in to help each other. There should be something here for everyone.

Please ignore the mess da Cat is making around Alley Cat Scratch's pad.  We're always expanding our content so... it's always construction time! All the costuming content is pushing Cats personal site into a corner creating extra dust and muss on the menus.  However,  2010 is the year for our big software upgrade so things are looking up.  Please use our site map or our search if you have trouble locating anything.

Into Making Costumes???

We've got quite a selection of options for you... sewing tips to costume pictures....

We love to study Movie Costumes

Come play with us! Create your dream!

See us on facebook

Lord of the Rings Costumes

Come study and discuss  the costumes from Lord of the Rings.  We're out of control over at LOTR Costume going into the detail.  Over 1000 pages devoted to the movie costumes and how to make them at:

bulletWe've added Quick Costume Tips
bullet We've talking LOTR Costumes in our Yahoo group

King Kong Costumes

bulletWe've got a section devoted to the big ape and his lovely ladies.  These costumes are vintage 1930's with a fantasy twist.  Come play and help us built this section.
bulletWe're talking Kong Costumes in the F-Costume Yahoo group

Movie Costume Exhibits

bulletCheck out our latest news on exhibits

Other Movie Costumes Resources

Movie Costume Links

bulletWe've assembled links for Move Costume Research
bulletWe list the research sites, photo sites and the special info that you'll need to start your research
bulletFor new movies, please contact us on our Yahoo group.

Stardust Costumes

bulletWe're talking about the Stardust movie costumes and patterns on F-costume
bullet Picture references

If any of the picture links have aged out, we can help you find them over on our any of yahoo discussion boards. (They'll be OK once we get on the new software.)

Building Fantasy and Science Fiction Costumes?

bulletWe have all kinds of costuming tip and links in our "Making 'Em" section of our web.  
bullet Costume Construction Tips is rich with everything from pattern modification to detailed section on Armor Making to Fabric Modification.
bulletWe're talking Fantasy and Sci Fi costumes over on the F-Costume Yahoo group






Looking for other Movie Costumes sites? 

bulletCostume Exhibits - movie costume exhibits and more
bulletLinks and Resources for Movie Costumes is another great new resource.






Halloween Events in Los Angeles

The little web page I started a few years ago has taken off gang busters.  There's lots of fun stuff there, regardless of your tastes.  Check it all out: .. It will keep you busy all October.

Discuss how to make your costume with us on F-Costume

Future Fashion Design: Explained & Explored

Check out Folio News.

The plan is to get you addicted and participating in these design contests.  Come check out a web devoted to the future fashion contests and their folios.  We've got news!

And... on our main web, we have...

Costuming  ....

bullet News Flash for the latest  Folio, Costume Con, Exhibit and auction  news!
bulletCostume events in Los Angeles -  of all kinds, shopping, fairs, dances and more.
bullet Science Fiction Masquerades around So Cal.
bulletLA Fabric District - info and tips to saving lots when you buy fabric
bulletFind out how to order your own copy of The Masquerade Handbook.

When in doubt... search our web...

Keep our research going:

You never know which direction we'll grown next.   We just respond to the demand and have a blast doing it.  Feel free to wander around... and if you want something special, let the site's mascot know!

If you wish to send a message to the site's mascot,  da Cat, at  .  Costume questions.. mail

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