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Boba - Macedonia

Snow Queen for Carnival


This costume started as a simple sleeveless white dress.  By adding a number of details in different fabrics and decorative techniques it ended up looking quite nice.  I  lot of people really liked it. This costume is just to show that you don’t have to be experienced seamstress.  With imagination and love, you can make something that will be noticed.  I made this for my daughter , Viktorija, for Carnival.

I lengthened the dress of silver satin. I cut the bottom hem of the dress in big zigzags for an icicle look.  I added under-sleeves in white satin and sleeves of sheer white crystal-organza. I used the same fabric in the cape. The sleeves were fastened with fabric hoops to her fingers (the same goes for the cape to), so they wouldn’t roll back when she dances.

The cape is our basic LOTR cape pattern without hood. The cape is edged with a boa of white feathers mixed with silver tinsel. (It was the most convenient. I found it in a carnival costume shop in Greece, so I assume that any thrift shop and all Halloween costume shops have it in stock. It wasn’t expensive.)


In my creation of the collar,  I looked at Cat's Snow Queen for inspiration. With help of a compass and ruler I drew a basic shape on the construction paper. Then I divided it in seven sections, one central and three on each side of the collar (again with the help of compasses). I drew the details of the central section first and than I copied it to other sections.

I cut out the pattern and then used it to cut the same shape in 3mm felt. I simply glued white fabric to the felt in order to cover the ugly brown felt. I cut the holes in the shape to make it “snowflake-like”.  Then I dressed the shape in white satin. Using hot glue gun, I decorated it with strands of silver sequins and glass beads.


The satin shawl was added to the base of the collar, containing wire support to make the collar stay up (kind of like Cat's collar, but not so elaborate). The shawl is attached to the dress. I even cheated a little.  Given that my daughter wore a wig,  I was able to fix the top of the collar to the wig with a safety pin. It was totally invisible and the collar stayed up from 5 o’clock till 11, through lot of dancing and elaborate choreography of the Snow Queen dance.

Snowflakes on the dress, sleeves and cape were made with hot glue. I free-hand drew snowflakes with hot glue and sprinkled them with silver glitter. There is a glass bead in the center of every snowflake.

The wig is a cheap Halloween long silvery-white wig.

The snowflakes that I used in her hair and at the bottom, silver part of the dress were in fact more time consuming to make than the rest of the costume. I used snowflake patterns that I found on the internet, scaled them to desired size and printed them out on a plain paper. (I couldn’t find anything thicker that would go into my printer.) I cut these out with cuticle scissors and traced their shapes on construction paper. You can guess what goes next:... more cutting. At the end I had 12 snowflakes in different sizes and 4 different designs. I covered them in pearlescent glitter. The three biggest ones are glued to the bottom of the dress. The rest of the snowflakes are attached to the wig with white hair pins.

The crown is made of a simple metal circlet that my daughter uses almost everyday to keep her hair out of her eyes. The “spikes” are made of cellophane that conveniently has a white “snowy” pattern on it. I made 5 cones of doubled cellophane and cut them in size -- the central one is tallest, then on the sides two medium and at last two shortest on each side. I carefully applied some hot glue on them (I was afraid that cellophane would melt) and sprinkled them with silver glitter. I attached spikes to the circlet with cellophane tape, or as Harry Potter fans like my daughter call it a “spell-o-tape”, meaning transparent adhesive tape.

She wore silver long gloves and white slippers with the costume. The costume was completed with silver and white make-up that went wonderfully with her grey eyes.

  The snow queen's court

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