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Lenox Snow Queen

I think this is the most favorite costume construction of all times.  I recreated the Lenox porcelain Snow Queen in loving and precise detail.  (I had 3 months with a non-walking cast to study her before beginning construction.) 

I was planning to take her to a costume con so she had to pack down flat for shipping.  Also, I' d found the perfect model so I wanted to make the outfit so it could be worn by my petite friend who had a face like the Lenox Snow Queen statue and by myself, who was larger.  Not only does the costume adjust to multiple sizes, but when warn with the harness, it's completely secure to move around in with no worries of anything coming apart. 

The Queen as living porcelain The small figurine

Page Index

Right now, most of the pages are concerning how to put the Snow Queen together.  Once I've had a chance to write up more techniques, I'll get into the making and pattern details.  However, you can see a lot from the pictures now.  Feel free to write and ask questions.

Please select page from clicking the hyperlink on this column to see the other pages.

The Figurine and costume comparisons


Add Summary - piece overview

(this is the temporary overview page until I get the construction pages written.)

The Princess Dress, mockups & pattern modifications
Snowflake patterns & assembling the bottom of the robe.
Assembling the two part collar structure.
The Harness: Wearing and adjusting

Just for fun... Real Snow Flakes

bullet Diagrams of Snowflakes
bullet Click the diagrams for a real image
bulletInteresting to see that a number of the Snow Queen's snowflakes actually match standard classification.
bulletElectronic Microscopes and Snow Flakes (ok Snow)
bulletA whole lot of wonderful images

Questions, please contact

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