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Irish Wolfhound Links

from Alley Cat Scratch

These link are what I feel are some of  the best sites for Irish Wolfhound  information, resources, pictures and/or detailed link pages.  While these links all feature our Gentle Giants, they do not do not cover all Irish Wolfhound resources on the web.  These are from all over the world and they are just a start for you. There are hours of exploring here and in the links from the sites.

Rescue Links

bulletIrish Wolfhound Rescue Trust - West Coast
bulletThese are the wonderful folk though whom I adopted my first wolfhounds.
bulletIrish Wolfhound Rescue contacts 
bulletUS and Canada (IWCA list)
bulletBark Bytes' Irish Wolfhound Rescue links
bulletIrish Wolfhound Internet Trust - All over the world
bulletThis will help you locate Irish Wolfhound Rescue organizations all over the world.  Monies also go to research health issues.
bulletAlso contains information on how to join the various discussion list for these gentle giants.
bulletGet IW greeting cards and sculptures while helping support a very worthy cause!
bulletWhy rescue trust organizations first???  Take a guess?  These gentle giants should not be adopted into your home without great thought and YOU understanding YOUR commitment to them.  They are lovable, but they do take dedication.  Many of the links below will go into details about determining if the breed is right for you.   Take the time to study up.  

National Clubs

bulletIrish Wolfhound Club of America
bulletAlmost everything you want to know about the dogs, except how to get them to quit thinking that they're really lap dogs.
bulletVery in depth sets of links from organizations to health to regional groups..
bulletGreat merchandise in their e-store.  Many things exclusive to the club.
bulletMore IW rescue info here.
bulletIrish Wolfhound Association of the West Coast 
bulletmy local group
bulletIrish Wolfhound Clubs of Australia
bulletJoint site for Irish Wolfhound Clubs of New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, and Western Australia.
bulletMemberships include New Zealand, South Africa and the United States of America.
bulletIncludes member pages as well.  
bulletGood place to start looking for hounds down under.
bulletIrish Wolfhound Club of Canada
bulletLots of info on IW, some heart melting photos, rescue info, a number of health links.
bulletWolfhound & Deerhound Club of the Czech Republic - Czechoslovakian and English
bulletIrish Wolfhound Club of Denmark  - Danish and English (need new link)
bulletIrish Wolfhound Club in Finland - Finnish
bulletFederation of European Irish Wolfhound Clubs
bulletIrish Wolfhound Club  - of Great Britain
bulletIrish Wolfhound Society of Great Britain
bulletIrish Wolfhound Club of Ireland
bulletIrish Wolfhound Club of the Netherlands
bulletIrish Wolfhound Club of Norway - Norwegian and English
bulletIrish Wolfhound Club of Northern Ireland
bulletIrish Wolfhound Club of Slovenia - English
bulletIrish Wolfhound Club of South Africa
bulletIrish Wolfhound Club of Sweden - Swedish
bulletIrish Wolfhound Club of Switzerland - English, French  and German
bullet(Anyone w/ info about more clubs on line, let me know.  It's tough finding the official sites unless they're well indexed.)
bulletIrish Wolfhound Mailing Lists and Yahoo groups

*Hint* for viewing the links above: Many use frames.  If you follow their links, you build up frames within frames.  Pick the link you want to follow.  Right click on your mouse.  Select 'Open in New Window'.

More Wolfie Links to explore

While I check these links fairly often, given that a lot of these are personal, not all internal links will be working all the time, but they're well worth checking out.  These site have numerous links to further explore the Irish Wolfhound.
bulletIrish Wolfhound Web Ring
bulletAnother Irish Wolfhound Web Ring
bulletCheck out the sites!  Many wolfie pictures.
bulletAlso checkout out the Site Hound Web Ring,  especially if you've trying to find folks in your country and they're not included the in the club list above.  Sometimes wolfies don't have their own separate club.
bulletAKC's Wolfhound page
bulletLists the base standard and general contact information.
bulletIrish Wolfhound Discussion Group
bulletHome page for one of the main discussion lists on IWs.  Large FAQ.  Lots of information.
bulletRed Branch Irish Wolfhounds
bulletThis award winning site has one of the best histories of the IW that I found on the web.
bulletMany, many links of organizations and people.
bulletLink pages and plain old snail address for organizations.  Very comprehensive.
bulletMany Celtic history links.
bulletGo to Read Branch's main pages for much more Irish information..
bulletThe Irish Wolfhound
bulletThis European site dedicated to the image and the soul of the Irish Wolfhound.  This is the most comprehensive site I've seen that honors the image of the wolfhound . 
bulletThey document IW books, stamps, coins, statuary, images, poems, artwork, clubs, etc.
bulletWant IW wallpaper for your computer???  They've got information on how to get a wide selection. 
bulletPoetry includes the wonderful "Rainbow Bridge" .
bulletVery comprehensive site
bulletThe Wolfhound Connection
bulletLarge site with lots of wolfhound documentation, everything from of photos to a stamp collection.  Lots of fun things to explore with their hounds.
bulletThe site is in both German and English.
bulletThey have a shop regular cards and a utility to build and send e-cards
bulletThe unique thing about this site is all of the web art -- backgrounds, buttons, lines, etc.  Wonderful Irish Wolfhound collection as well as general Celtic and much more.
bulletAlso has some sub web site for more pics and fun.  Fun puppy shots!
bulletSUNSTAG Irish Wolfhounds & Southern California Irish Wolfhound Fanciers Association (SCIWFA)
bulletThis site has lots of wolfie pictures.  Dixie has documented her IW family tree in great detail.  There are fun photos and many young puppy pictures.  Calendar includes lure coursing.
bulletThe SCIWFA club covers the southern most California counties - San Bernardino, Riverside, San Diego and Southern Orange.
bulletIrish Wolfhound Homepage - Hoflin & 'Dogs Online'
bullet'Irish Wolfhound Museum' with free championship listings.
bulletClassic Wolfhound pictures for sale
bulletAll kinds of links, both IW and other breads
bulletTullaghan's Irish Wolfhounds - in German and English
bulletEuropean Irish Wolfhound show calendar
bulletMassive amount of links including links I've seen no where else, including Eastern European links.  Links list even include what language they're in.
bulletMore club links
bulletTorteval Irish Wolfhounds
bulletHumorous site of a group of Channel Islands Wolfhounds
bulletrequires Java script enabled but follow the links to the wonderful pictures
bulletSite has a collection of features including:
bulletGuild to Buying an Irish Wolfhound Puppy
bulletA great intro to the hounds, but a warning to Think Carefully before they join your family
bulletCharts of height and weight along with weekly pictures of growth
bulletTheir Humor pages are not to be missed, start with The Job Centre and follow-up with sports and leisure.  Be sure to click on the links for the pictures that go with the stories.
bulletReally Irish Wolfhounds - Czech Republic
bulletNice write-up of their family and a unique collection of links of other wollfie sites including central Europe.
bulletHounds of Heaven
bulletWonderful diary of puppies week by week from birth, including a weight chart showing the fluffy bundles practically grown every time they stretch!
bulletArticles include "dogs used in psychotherapy"
bulletFriends of the Irish Wolfhounds - Italy - The Clan
bulletFollow the saga of a large litter being born. Many pictures.
bulletExtra artwork is found though their homepage.
bulletCearbhaill Irish Wolfhounds
bulletTwo rescued hounds
bulletAlso check their 'table of contents' for more info.
bulletIrish Wolfhound Page - In German
bulletBoth art and cameo shots of their dogs, including the "black" Irish Wolfhounds
bulletThe Irish Wolfhound International Magazine
bulletEuropean magazine that covers shows, kennels and stores of interest from all over the world.
bulletAll so check out: Tir na Nog in German and English
bulletWolfhound Friends - in German and French
bulletHoards of pictures of the dogs - great fun, many dogs.  
bulletMore to look at than read so the language difference does not matter.
bulletGreat Flash photo album of Wolfhounds romping though the countryside.
bulletTakes quite a while to load over phone lines, but well worth the wait.  .
bulletSite also has a fine collection of Irish Wolfhound stamps (sonstieges) and sketches (bilden).

Search for much more on "Irish Wolfhounds".  I found way over 7000 links.

bulletThere are numerous companies that have all dog breed merchandise.  They print up everything from t-shirts to bumper stickers; they make key chains to statues from needle point to stamps .
bulletTo support the various IW organizations, check their merchandise first.

Note: If you've got other good links on Irish Wolfhounds, please write me.  I'll be glad to add them.


Non-Wolfie Links I wanted here

Irish Costuming - Primer for Irish Wolfhound owners

(Lots of notes coming eventually.  Write me and I can get you started.  Just tell me what time period and your sewing level.)

bulletIntro to costuming with your Irish Wolfhound
bulletLooking for the Irish look at  Renaissance Fairs?  Check the AlterYears Irish patterns.

More links:

Guide Horse Foundation
bulletThese sturdy little fellows are under 26 inches so you see my interest in comparing them to the larger Irish Wolfhounds.  (Yes, they can do some amazing things wolfies can't... even though they are so much smaller.)
bulletThis is a great organization working towards helping folk with disabilities.
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