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Old news bits - summary only

2001 and misc here... see tabs for more recent years


Costume College Info

bulletAdmittance to the Marketplace is FREE!  Come on by.  It's just in the San Fernando Valley.  It's a great gathering of merchandise.
bulletCheck out my latest information on Roommate Matching and the LA Garment District Tour.
bulletFor all other Costume College information, including the address, see the main web site at www.CostumeCollege.org

Auction of Historical Garments

The auction for Suzi's Antiques is April 24 &25 in New Hope, PA. Check out a number of the glorious historical gowns available on the Whitaker's Auction website:.  http://www.whitakerauction.com/suzigallery.htm.   (These are the ladies that provided a number of the dresses for the film Titanic.  They had a truly amazing inventory.)  Check out the pictures on the web.  The catalog is mostly a printed list, but includes an additional color sheet with many of the items on the web site.

To order a full Catalog please send $10.00 to:
Charles A. Whitaker
7105 Emlen Street
Philadelphia, PA 19119

Check out some great movie costumes in person!

See FIDM's exhibit of costumes featured in this year's Academy Award nominations. 

AgamemCon Masquerade is coming - June 9th.  

Is your costume ready yet????

Check out the latest information on this masquerade.


bulletHollywood Costume Company Closeout - debt liquidation
bulletGarments from many movies and TV shows, hoards of accessories
bulletAuction starts April 16 on iBidLive.tv.  Sale keeps going until the final auctions the first/second week of June.
bulletBuy many of the costumes in person in the North Hollywood warehouse. (7119 Fair Ave., Sherman Way,  East of Tujunga.)  Open until 8PM on weekdays now.
bulletPersonally, I'm picking up some steals.  Almost everything is 10 bucks or less -- beaded gowns, a 1900 petticoat, misc. costume bits.  It's a costumer's garage sale.


Costume Con 19 has a new web address!

bulletChange your book marks to: http://www.Costume-Con.org/CC19/.  CC19 was Memorial weekend, 2001.
bulletWinning entries for the masquerades and fashion show have been posted on the main Costume-Con site.  Select Time Line, then CC19.

All pages related to Costume-Con 19 are now maintained on their new master site... not here!

AlterYears store and catalog updates

bulletAlterYears' site is back up... so head back to their site at www.AlterYears.com for all the latest!  (You'll see same info in both places for now since I'm juggling both sites like candles lit at two ends.)
bulletAlterYears has moved, click here for new contact information and driving directions.
bulletAlterYears catalog information,
bulletLatest word on the backordered catalog
bulletPricing change


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