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AgamemCon V Masquerade

June 9th, 2001

For news on the new "I know what you did last AgamemCon" for October 10-12, 2003, please go to .

No masquerade this year but costume fun, panels, hall costume awards and more.

The masquerade is over.  

Thank you everyone for your help and participation!

Here's the wrap-up material.  All done now including photo!

bulletPhoto & Video Information
bulletJudges and Crew
bulletThank yous and wrap-ups
bulletOther Science Fiction Masquerades
bulletA5 Masquerade Photo Gallery

AgamemCon V Masquerade Awards

We had a great group of folks display their costumes this year.  All three division were represented.  We had originals, recreations, and from-the-closet creations as well as exhibits.  Three cheers for all the participates!

Workmanship Awards

bulletBest in Show Workmanship
bulletby Queldas and Vaughn Pickett
bulletBest Master Workmanship
bulletThe Magician
bulletby Queldas Pickett
bulletHonored for Excellence in Draping
bulletLiving Lace and King of the Jungle
bulletworn by Pat Sallume and Stewart Stremler
bulletBest Novice Workmanship
bulletCel-Commander, Ishtara Gundahu
bulletby Michaela Scoville
bulletNovice – Honored for Excellence in Jewelry
bulletCentauri Lady
bulletby Lorraine Savage

Presentation Awards

Best in Show

bullet by Queldas and Vaughn Pickett

Journeyman Awards

bulletHonored for Excellence
bulletAthena’s Lieutenant
bulletby Susan L. Cohen

Novice Awards

bulletBest Novice
bulletCel-Commander, Ishtara Gundahu
bulletby Michaela Scoville
bulletBest Presentation
bulletThe Madame of Babylon 5
bullet by Sali Wynants, Caerie Dykstra, Allie Schreibman and John McKnight
bulletBest Tactics and Doctrine
bulletStargate Troopers
bulletby Csilla Csori, Alvin Revilas and Dan Cooper
bulletBest Save
bulletThe Bitch and the Tralk
bulletby Garfeimao and Eryn Tzun
bulletMost Humorous
bulletShore Leave
bulletby Lisa Deutsch Harrigan

Junior Awards

bulletBest Junior Costumer
bulletHarry Potter
bulletworn by Anthony Irvine
bulletdesigned by mom


Photo & Video Information

AgamemCon V Photo Gallery open 


We have a video.  It's not for sale but copies will be made as time allows.  You will need a pre-labeled video and a pre-addressed padded envelope with enough postage to mail it back to you. 

Write for more information.


Thanks to Roger and Lisa Krueger we have an on-line photo gallery this year.  You can order everything from 4x6 to 8x10 as well as a high quality digital image.  

If you're interested in the smaller digital files, you can get those too... don't just 'borrow' those from this website.  PayPal Roger a buck for his hard work.

Photo Ordering Information:

If you like the 800 x 600 pixel images on the web, the following options are available:

bullet3000 x 2000 high resolution pixel file e-mailed: $1
bullet4 x 6 photographic print (NOT an inkjet print) $2
bullet5 x 7 photographic print (NOT an inkjet print)$4
bullet8 x 10 photographic print (NOT an inkjet print) $8. 

All of my prints are on real photographic paper, and should last at least 50 years on display out of direct sunlight, longer in dark storage. This compares to a couple of years at best for almost all inkjet prints. (And inkjet prints don't look as good either.) Add $0.50 (total) for shipping for less than five 4 x 6 prints, $1.00 (total) for larger sizes or larger quantities. (but NOT for files to be e-mailed).  You can send your order by mail to:

Roger Krueger 
10587 Caminito Glenellen
San Diego, CA 92126

or initiate a PayPal transaction to: In either case I need to know the filename of the image(s) you want and complete shipping info. Files are retained indefinitely, but if you're ordering a long time after the event you'll want to include the event name and date so I'll know where to look.

Thank you,

Roger and Lisa Krueger

If a photo says 'low rez' only and you would still like to order, contact to work out order methods.  Those are coming off the Polaroid picts but can be cropped and touched up and printed.

Photos <here>


Judges and Crew

Master of Ceremonies

bulletJay Smith

Masquerade Judges

bulletWorkmanship Judge
bulletZelda Gilbert
bulletPresentation Judges
bulletBill Ernoehazy
bulletF. W. Evans
bulletPeter Jurasik


Senior Crew

bulletBackstage manager
bulletLaura Stremler
bullet Assistant Masquerade Director
bulletSteward Stremler
bulletOfficial Photographer
bulletRoger Krueger


Thank yous and wrap-ups (or, Long ago and a Few Months Ago)

This thank you comes a few months late but  real life got  in the way of costume fun. However, I never let that get me down permanently...

First off, I’d like to thank everyone who has helped with the AgamemCon masquerades over the past four years – from contestants to judges, from models to crew. Masquerades take a lot of folks to carry off the show.  Everyone joined together to keep local masquerades going -- contributing their costumes, their talent, their time, their patience and their enthusiasm, Thanks for the great ride.  

We kept the Science Fiction Masquerade art form alive in Los Angeles while many predicted its demise.  We trained up new folks to work the shows and present.  We infected more people with the costuming bug so that they will continue to participate at other Masquerade events.  We tweaked the traditional format a bit... but the applause from the audience showed their appreciation.

Special kudos go to my Backstage Manager, Laura Stremler, and Assistant Masquerade Director, Steward Stremler. These guys handled the most amazing amount of logistics as we did combo masquerades and fashion shows every year and kept things going even when I couldn't keep on my feet. (They made the mistake of volunteering for 'anything' at the first masquerade and the rest became history.) Extra thanks for Fran Evens, who over the course of AgamemCon’s run, Stage Managed, put together fashion shows, did makeup, helped train up Laura and Stewart and helped me prep and do awards during the rest of the years. I could not have done it without those three.  Big Cheer!

- Cat Devereaux -
Masquerade Director, AgamemCon II - V


Want more Science Fiction Masquerades?  There's a whole page <here>.

Check out AgamemCon's full web site for all the information about their Science Fiction conventions in Burbank, California.  They specialize in Babylon 5 but cover a number of other TV shows.  Also includes are the folk from OASIS for National Space Society panels. AgamemCon is currently on hiatus.

The original masquerade information is archived <here>

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