Dye Workshops
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Dye Workshops

Interested in learning to dye???  Received this schedule of dying workshops taught by Bjo Trimble.  

Released: May 2002

held at (unless otherwise indicated)
601 East Foothill Blvd,
Monrovia, CA 91016
All workshops at my house run from 10 am to 4 pm.
Bring a bag lunch - Iced tea & lemonade provided
 JUNE 2:        Indigo Dye Workshop, here
JUNE 7:        Variation Dyeing -clever dye techniques at A Quilter's Dream: (626) 286-2822
JULY 28:      St. Catherine Nature Dye Session, in Escondido
AUG 18:       Rainbow Dye Workshop, here 
OCT 11-13:  Great Western War Nature Dye-In, Prado Park, Chino
NOV 3:         Dye Workshop, here 
WORKSHOP AIMS: Workshops can cover any part of the dyeing process from nature dyes or commercial dyes. Just let me know what you'd like to learn or if you have a special project.
FEE: $15 PER PERSON per workshop held at my house, includes dyes, mordants, dyepots, gas rings & propane. Participants get dyed samples, handouts, printed instructions.  Any non-participant may end up filling & carrying buckets of water.
REGISTRATION: Absolutely necessary so I know how many to plan for. You can cancel workshops if needed, but at least let me know whether or not you plan to attend. Drop-ins accepted only if there is room.  
NO PETS, BABIES, TODDLERS! We have no baby-sitting or child-care facilities. Children old enough to be around hot stoves & hot dyepots are welcome, but pay full fee. Teachers & club leaders, contact me for special group children's classes
NO JEWELRY, NO PERFUME: We've spent too much time crawling around in the grass, looking for a precious earring that should not have been worn to a working activity. Perfume attracts wasps & bees.
WHAT TO WEAR: Sunscreen & hat. Clothing & shoes you don't mind getting wet or colored. Tie hair back out of the way.
FIBER TO DYE: Each dyer may bring up to 3 dry pounds of fiber to suit the workshop in question. Nature dyeing needs well washed 100% natural fiber or fabric. Wool, mohair, silk dyes beautifully; cotton & linen are more difficult. Commercial dyes work on rayon, polyester & most blends. Roving acceptable, but fleece in the grease soaks up too much dye & negates dye action with lanolin. If in doubt, contact me about your fiber. I have natural fiber yarns & textiles for an extra fee. 
SPINNING WHEEL: Come spin under the canopy while dye-pots simmer; results can be scoured & dyed on the spot!
SHARE: Bring any dyestuff you want to try: silver-dollar eucalyptus leaves (orange to brick red), oxalis (bright orange); iris heads (purple); onion skins (yellow to russet); any flowers, weeds, or bark that look interesting.   
TELL A FRIEND! It's fine with me to bring a (paying) friend. Please pass this information along to others. Thank you!
QUESTIONS?  626-359-3398 or bjotrimble@earthlink.net
DIRECTIONS to 601 EAST FOOTHILL BLVD, MONROVIA, CA:  We're just west of Pasadena on the 210 Freeway. The house is on Foothill, between Heliotrope & Poppy.  Zook Mortuary is across the street. Look for a small gray Craftsman-style house on the north side of Foothill, roses in the front yard, tan postal Jeep in the driveway. Parking allowed on the street. Come through driveway gate to backyard for dyeing. 
FROM THE WEST: Get on the 210 heading east, take Mountain Ave off-ramp. Turn right (north) off the frontage road onto Mountain, & go up the slight grade toward the mountains. At a flashing red signal, turn left onto Foothill (Mountain sort of wanders off into the hills). Go several blocks, looking for Poppy. The next block is ours; Zook Mortuary is on your left & directly across the street is our little gray house. 
FROM THE EAST: Get on the 210 heading west, take Myrtle Ave off-ramp & turn left (under fwy). Go to Foothill & turn right. Go several blocks, looking for Zook Mortuary on the SE corner of Heliotrope. Across the street is our house. 


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