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What's New, the time line

For now this will be fairly detailed since a group of us need to track changes here.  Later it will slow down and take a breath, as the website matures... or at least I hope so.

See News Flash for the "real" information. 

bulletWow!  We survived Halloween.  5 million hits on the web.
bulletTop individual page last month was the Halloween page
bulletOur biggest month!  The costumer's holiday.
bulletUpdated the Halloween page. Lots of wonderful stuff to do.
bulletAll insanity is focused over at LOTR Costume.  Great quick costume section forming.  Great resource. Could be used for any kind of costume, not just LOTR.
bulletMove to new server... we're doing over 8 gig of bandwidth a month... ack!
bulletThere really have been changes happening, just absolutely no time to make the changes.
bulletMost of the updates are on the other webs... 2 fashion folio contests going and LOTR costume has taken off.
bulletJanuary, 2002
bulletHad some time during a vacation between Christmas and New Years.  took all the links I've been sharing with friends and created a separate webpage for Lord of the Rings costume.
bulletNew Halloween in Los Angles page
bulletStop me before I add any more.  There is so much info and none of the web pages are really updated.  (Guess what I'm going to be doing on the weekends -- BOO!)
bulletAdded the Vintage Auction press announcement
bulletMore event fiddling with format.
bulletAdded the country fair and Sewing machines article
bulletRearranged the News Flash Events section
bulletAdded new Science Fiction Masquerade Page
bulletMuch twiddling with the Future Fashion Design pages.  Because of Web hosting issues, did not get formal announcements of site out until the middle of August.
bulletSpent too much of August attempting to get the site transferred from one set of XO hardware to another.  Eventually moved in mid August.
bulletOK, attention is back to the web site...
bulletNew Future Fashion Design web site launches, ahead of when it's ready, but the design figures are there... so it's go as of 7/16/01!
bulletRestructure and move News Flash section
bulletAdded Costume College pages for room mates and garment district tour.
bulletAdded new products
bulletUpdated wolfhound links
bulletMisc maintenance all over.
bulletBad cat, bad cat... haven't been updating this sections... mostly cleanup and adding news as needed.  But gee... just because of Costume Con, a vacation in Canada and running the AgamemCon masquerade...  <whine>
bulletAttack of the wolfhound links - finally publish the massive set of links for the hounds.
bulletCleaned up the photos and added even more to the Quick View section of Photo Fantasy.
bulletWork on Newsflash including adding the auction catalog.
bulletLink section has been added to over the last week.
bulletBeen too busy on www.AlterYears.com to do much here.  However, did archive old info and update newsflash.
bulletNew Products now up and running with the Hunnisset books and the Mantua-Maker's new pattern.
bulletMore Fashion Show outfits reserved.  
bulletMisc tweaking.
bulletAnd the January changes keep on coming... though 1/31/01:
bulletSince CC19's official site has been down, put up main contact and hotel information. (1/28-1/29)  Murphy's law states that the old site come back up 1/30.  However, there is still updated info from PR3 on this site.
bulletAlterYear's site is up approximately 1/19.  Leaving ACS links up for a while until people get their bookmarks switch over.  ACK!  Maintaining both!
bulletMuch Fashion Show and Single Pattern Contest Changes.
bulletTime to move directories all around again and flesh out the person section.  Added 'About Us' as a launch to the personal and legal sections.  Text will appear as there is time.  Basically, trying to get a stable framework for the web that will allow links and references to be cleaned up.
bulletFashion Show section open for business.  It's still undergoing major cleanup... but once again, events are moving faster than I can type.
bulletDa Cat is back to fiddling with the web.  Much clean-up, picture adding and tweeking.  
bulletNote: AlterYears info is now pulling up in search engines directly under the main store site.  Yea!  Now to figure out the same for my name.  
bulletGetting new Future Fashion Show information pages up.
bulletUpdated lots of AlterYears information - new classes, sale, holiday hours and Jean Hunnisett book signing.
bulletAdded special information on Jean Hunnisett's visit.
bulletUpdate Newsflash section
bulletClarify Fashion Folio deadlines
bulletUpdate AlterYear's catalog dates
bulletMisc. cleanup of the rest of the system.
bulletAdded shipping charges and ordering policies for AlterYears.
bulletInterest section, V1.0 is done.
bulletLot of cleanup.
bulletGot the first draft of my costume photo's up under Photo Fantasy.  These are low resolution and will need retouching... but it's up there for feedback.
bulletModified the structure of the web again.  Decided to get the interested tab out into the real world.  Under construction is moving into a corner.
bulletUpdated rules have been added to the Fashion Folio update page.  This information is basically the same as the main page with the addition of the new date and mailing address.
bulletMajor cleanup of the link pages.
bulletRestructured the News Flash section.  Did add a jump page for AlterYears since the other address had already been sent out.
bulletMajor update to the AlterYears page.  It's now a min-FAQ for all the very often asked questions about the catalog.
bulletRe-do intro.
bulletStyle & spelling clean-up.  (No, da Cat doesn't spell any better than I do.)
bullet10/2/00 (and weekend updates)
bulletNew Flash section built (& construction trash moved out of the way.)
bulletNewest deadline extension for Fashion Folio added (now October 31.)  The Folio gets it's own information page.
bulletDirections added for AlterYears.
bulletLook updated.  (Now if I could just get all the style sheets to behave the same way... <Sigh>)
bullet9/28/00 - 9/29/00
bulletGot AlterYears information up on its own page.
bulletFashion Folio deadline extension to October 16th if mailed to the US.
bullet Site vaguely looks like a web.  ACK!  And I've got to let this puppy out in to the real world because people need the information.  Excuse my paw prints, but info does come first.
bulletda Cat's birthday!  First pages up on AlleyCatScratch.com and da Cat becomes the mascot.  Web contacts nothing useful, but fun is to come.

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