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AgamememCon V Masquerade Photo Gallery

All photos may be ordered as prints or purchased as digital images.  Info <here>.

Here is a quick overview of the masquerade costumes.  

bulletSome costumes have an extra page of thumbnails attached to them.  Follow the <more> links on the individual pictures.  
bulletTo see a larger version, double click on the picture.
bulletOrder numbers are listed under each picture.
P6100539.jpg (68831 bytes) P6100532.jpg (52085 bytes) P6100510.jpg (60233 bytes) P6100595.jpg (81912 bytes)
P6100539  <More>
B5: Contraband
P6100532 <More>
B5: Ranger
B5: Mist of Time
B5: Centauri Lady
P6100525.jpg (77062 bytes) AgV_B5.jpg (134561 bytes) 2 shot P6100527.jpg (66142 bytes)
P6100525 <More>
The Magician
Ag5_B5 (Low Rez only)
The Madam of Babylon 5
P6100513 <More>
Farscape: The Bitch 
& the Traik
The Red Corsair
P6100501.jpg (69277 bytes) P6100537.jpg (67929 bytes) P6100544.jpg (64138 bytes) P6100523.jpg (75113 bytes)
ST: Klingon Ambassador
P6100537  <More>
ST: Crew Shore Leave
Madam Pompedor
P6100493.jpg (70155 bytes) AgV_Cel.jpg (158333 bytes) P6100492.jpg (66784 bytes) P6100434.jpg (48043 bytes)
Space Pirate Nix
Ag5_Cel(Low rez only)
Ishtara Gundahu
Obsidian Dancer 
- Sifreda
Athena's Lieutenant
AgV_Harry.jpg (128029 bytes) P6100404.jpg (88438 bytes) P6100409.jpg (84396 bytes) P6100546.jpg (98496 bytes)
Ag5_Harry(low rez only)
Harry Potter
P6100404  <More>
Living Lace & 
King of the Jungle
King of the Jungle
Living Lace
P6100542.jpg (55943 bytes) P6100511.jpg (61340 bytes) P6100416.jpg (85515 bytes) P6100566.jpg (86697 bytes)
P6100542  <More>
Stargate: SG1
P6100511  <More>
Our Master of 
P6100416  <More>
Backstage Candid
P6100566 <More>
Backstage Candid


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