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Costume-Con 19 Information

The master site for all Costume-Con 19 information has moved!

The original site was not getting updated.  This site was put together on an emergency basis.  For all the information on CC19, please check out their new official site.

You may find membership information  or get in touch with the Costume Con 19 committee though this site's links..

Hotel information and prices have been updated from PR3 on this site.


Box 20001, Bow Valley Postal Outlet
205-5thAve. S.W.
Calgary, AB Canada T2P 4H3
Website:  <-- new site has been moved to here

Costume Con 19 Information Links currently up:

[Future Fashion Show] | [Single Pattern Contests] | [Future Fashion Folio]

Membership Info ] Fashion Show News ] Future Folio News ] Hotel Info ] Canadian Information ]

Under construction: please bear with us.

This information is being maintained at the request of the Con-chairs.  Most information is currently derived from Progress Report 3.  
Link only to this page.  The rest is guaranteed to move.
"Costume-Con" is a trademark of Karen Dick and Kelly Turner, which may be registered is some jurisdictions, and is used with permission.

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